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Workplace Consultancy

The ideal workplace is a physical manifestation of an organization's culture. We translate your company's core values into a space that inspires teams and enhances productivity.

Benefits To You

  • How do you use your current workspace?
  • What are the challenges your team faces day-to-day?
  • How does your space support your business as it continues to grow?

Our workplace consultancy will help you answer these questions and more. We'll help you develop a plan to optimize your space and promote productivity, collaboration, and creativity among teams.

Beginning with a space utilization audit and analysis, we'll use valuable insights gathered to recommend an actionable strategy for design, space size, and functionality tailored to your specific budget and schedule.

69% of Millenials

will trade in other work package benefits for a better workspace.

Source: CBRE ‘The Flexible Revolution’, 2017

80% of Companies

think flexible workspaces help recruit and retain top talent.

Source: IWG, Workplace Survey

Our Process


We conduct site visits and interviews to understand the challenges you face in your current workspace.


How your space is utilized, traffic-flow, communication styles, company culture, and brand image.


To the appropriate design teams to define the scope of the project, produce test fits and design drawings.


Provide strategic feedback during the site selection process to determine which space best supports your requirements.

Our Value

A workplace consultancy delivers powerful insights that define a path forward to implement positive and meaningful change in your work environment.


We start off identifying the challenges and barriers that limit productivity and cause friction in your work environment. The insights we gather provide valuable direction to guide the workplace strategy and future improvement projects

A workplace that is tailor-made to support the success of your business can have an amazing and measurable impact on your company's success. Happy and productive offices attract and retain top talent. Well designed, comfortable spaces make a professional first impression on visitors and clients. A workplace consultancy is the first step towards leveraging your investment with a high-functioning work environment that provides value and flexibility to the organization and people it serves.

Who benefits from workplace consultancy?

  • Employees
  • business
  • Customers
  • Better engagement and cooperation
  • Higher job motivation and loyalty.
  • More satisfaction and productivity.
  • Ability to recruit and retain talent.
  • Boost brand image and corporate culture.
  • Obtain better-quality workspace at a lower cost.
  • Receive better service
  • Engage more with the business.
  • Enjoy dealing with the business.

Space Optimization

Top Reasons why businesses improve their workspaces:

  • Accommodate new ways of working.
  • Reduce rental costs.
  • Attract a mobile workforce.
  • Facilitate staff collaboration and sharing of ideas.
  • Maximize the use of existing space

Workplace Strategy

With evidence gathered through our workplace consultancy, we develop a comprehensive and actionable strategy to support the everyday needs of your business. By aligning business and workspace goals, a workplace strategy can provide you with all the tools you need to create an agile work environment that enhances productivity and performance while adapting to business growth.

Additional Services:

Our designers will assist you make great first impressions. We develop floor plans, promote brand messaging, furniture selection, lighting and colour choice on all finishes. We create exceptional working spaces as unique as our clients.

We take the time to understand your space and source office furniture that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Leave the delivery and installation to us to make the design implementation as stress-free as possible.

Fixtures and equipment are the finishing touches that bring your workspace to life and the facilities that ensure your workspace functions as it should. We handle sourcing, procurement, and installation so you don't have to.

We will share years of commercial real estate and construction management experience with you to ensure you're getting the most suitable space in the best location for your budget. We're here to offer strategic guidance from site selection through lease negotiation and execution.

We offer turnkey management of tenant improvement projects. We will prepare preliminary project costing and schedules, handle tenant improvement allowance negotiation and see the commercial leasehold improvements through to successful completion.

Through site assessment, we monitor space utilization, identify inefficiencies and propose solutions tailored to your project goals and budget. Our initial audit allows for efficient and strategic planning to eliminate uncertainties and optimize the space to its full potential.

We Can Help You Create A High Performance Workplace

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